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Even if a lock and its keys can be placed in a single area, locks are mostly useful when their keys are placed in other areas. Indeed, locks are meant to create multiple paths in your puzzle campaign.

Area keys and locks.png

In the above diagram, there is only one red key chest (in the red room), 2 yellow key chests (in the yellow rooms) and 3 blue key chests (in the blue rooms).

The corresponding lock will require 1 red key, 1 yellow key and 1 blue key. So the players will have to win one of the 3 blue rooms, 1 of the 2 yellow rooms and the red room.

A single lock can have up to 25 different keys. Each of those keys can be placed multiple times.

Locks can be used as a condition by every conditional components


  • Use the /lasers command.
  • Right click on the surface where you want to place the component while holding the Place component menu item.
  • Select the Lock.

Create keys

  • Use the /lasers command.
  • Right click an existing lock to open its edition shortcut bar.
  • Click on the Create a key chest menu item.
  • Then go in any area you want (you don't have to place it in the same area), and click on the Place a new key chest

Editing a key chest

  • Use the /lasers command.
  • Right click an existing key chest.
  • Click on the Set the key number menu item.
  • Select the key color.

Player side

  • If a lock has only one key chest of a specific color, getting this key chest's key will be required.
  • If a lock has multiple key chests of a specific color, players will only have to get one of the corresponding keys.

When a player has every required keys he can open a lock by simply right clicking it.

Keys can be consumed or not when a player open a lock according to the config.yml