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An area is the place which will contain puzzle. All components will be placed within this. Lasers won't be able to leave it.

Even if it is possible to create one big area that would contain multiple puzzle we strongly suggest you not to do so. The best practice is to create one area for each puzzle.


  • Use the /lasers command.
  • Right click on the first point using the Create area menu item.
  • Right click on the second point using the Create area menu item again.



 /!\ Deleting a puzzle area will delete every components it contains.
  • Use the /lasers command.
  • While being inside the area you want to delete, right click with the Delete area item in hand.
  • In the confirmation menu that appears, click on the green item to confirm the deletion.

When the area contains components that are related to each other (like elevator and their call buttons) you will have to do this action a second time to finish the deletion.


Each areas is playable multiple times. Whenever the area is deactivated because the last players leaved it (or reactivated because a player enters inside it), each components are reinitialized:

  • Each Mirror support looses their mirrors.
  • Each Meltable clay block reappears if they were destroyed.
  • Each Mirror chest is refilled with the correct number of mirror(s).
  • Each Lock are deactivated.
  • Each Rotating components (like Laser sender) are reset to the orientation defined by the puzzle creator.
  • Each Gravitational sphere effect radius is reinitialized to the size defined by the puzzle creator.


It is possible to copy paste or even save schematics of a part of your world containing area(s).


  • Use the worldedit command //wand to get the worldedit wooden axe.
  • Select a first point using left click.
  • Select a second point using right click.
  • Use the /lasers copy command.

The selected area can contain multiple areas.

Export to schematic

  • Use the /lasers save MySchematicName.

The generated file will be saved within the /plugins/LasersEnigma/schematics/ folder. In this example it will be /plugins/LasersEnigma/schematics/MySchematicName.leschem.

Load a schematic

  • Use the /lasers load MySchematicName

This command just fills your clipboard with the schematic data but it does not modify your world in any way. You will have to paste your clipboard afterwhile.


  • Use the /lasers paste command.
 /!\ Since it is not possible to undo a paste done with the plugin we strongly advice you to be very careful with it.


Areas are deeply configurable.

  • Use /lasers command.
  • While being inside the area you want to configure, right click with the item Area configuration in hands.

You will then be able to configure: