Music block

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This component will play songs whenever it is activated.


It can be conditionally activated according to the selected detection modes.

Song database

You can select a song among those available in the songs folder (more than 160). You can add or delete songs from the database by modifying the content of the folder /plugins/LasersEnigma/songs/. Using NoteBlock Studio you can also create new songs by composing them yourself or by importing them from .midi files.


This component also support 2 mods:

  • Loop:
    • When activated the song will loop (until the music block is deactivated or until the player leaves the area).
    • When deactivated the song will only be played once (it will still be stoped if the music block is deactivated or if the player leaves the area)
  • Stop on exit:
    • When activated: Whenever the player leaves the area the song will immediately fade in and be stopped.
    • When deactivated: Whenever the player leaves the area the song will still continues until its end.


  • Use the /lasers command.
  • Right click on the surface where you want to place the component while holding the Place component menu item.
  • Select the Music block.