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  • A working Bukkit / Spigot / Paper server with at least 1Gb of RAM.
  • An access to the server folder (by FTP for example).
  • The ability to restart the server.

Download the plugin

Download the plugin

Download the plugin dependencies


If you are running a 1.12.2 server you will need WorldEdit 6.1.9 If you are running a 1.13.2 / 1.14.4 server you will at least need WE 7.0.1 WorldEdit 7.0.1

Noteblock API

For music blocks you will need Noteblock API

Finish the installation

  • First you have to place each of the jar files you just downloaded into your server's /plugins/ folder.
  • Restart your server (let him time to finish loading) then stop it again.
  • Modify Config.yml to fit your needs.
 /!\ If you modify the language to one of the languages we already support you will need to restart your server 2 times. One for the plugin to create the language translation file. The second one will finally load it.
  • If you are not simply using /op you should set up Permissions like lasers.edit to let administrators and/or players access to the plugin commands.
  • Restart your server again.