Conditions and detection modes

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Some components are conditional. They can be enabled or disabled according to configurable conditions.

These components supports detection modes. The detection modes simply define on which criterion the condition will be based on.

Detection modes

  • Main detection modes:
  • Aditionnal detection modes (For some components like laser senders):
    • Always activated (this is the default for laser senders).
    • Redstone

Range of activation

The main detection modes are configurable:

  • Use the /lasers command.
  • Create or right click a conditional component.
  • Click on Component configuration to open the configuration menu of this components (Some conditional components that have few options contains shortcuts to define the range of activation within the component's edition shortcut bar but not all components does).
  • Use the diagonal arrows to define the minimum and the maximum. It means the component will be activated when the number defined by the selected detection mode is within the range defined by these minimum and maximum values.

Conditional components